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Report Election Fraud

The upcoming May 23, 2010 Ethiopian National Election should already be considered invalid due to pre-election interference with political campaigns and the harsh repression of political candidates—through imprisonment (Ms. Birtukan Mideksa), intimidation, beatings, threats and now a suspected political assassination-- all of which has created a political atmosphere that is neither free nor fair before a vote has ever been cast. Unobstructed voting will not rectify the deeply flawed pre-election conditions that have overwhelmingly prevented participation from non-government-controlled candidates.

Therefore the SMNE would like to document voting irregularities, fraud and voter intimidation around the country to make sure the world knows what sort of democracy and elections exist in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government wants the world to think there is legitimate democracy in Ethiopia and holds these periodic sham elections for the consumption of donor nations. We Ethiopians understand the ill intent of these elections and consider them an insult to our dignity. Please help us document these cases around the country.


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